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This branch contains details of 6,737 individual people, including 1,254 unique surnames making up 1,895 families!

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William Henry Beazley

This branch is based around the ancestors and descendants William Henry Beazley (1820-1910), An Englishman who arrived in New Zealand in 1836, he married twice. First to Elizabeth Faulkner (1837-1869) of Ngaitukairangi, and then Elizabeth Boyce (1844-1921). These marriages produced 24 children.

Inside you will find the Beazley whanau whakapapa, charts, family history, photos, stories and much more. And although this is one of the most comprehensive Beazley whakapapa ever assembled, it is very much a work in progress.

It is a place where you can not only learn from the knowledge of other whanau, but more importantly, it is a pkace where you can share your knowledge with them within the confines of a closed whanau forum.

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First and foremost, to Marion Wellington (Waitara) for initiating, driving and carrying the Beazley whakapapa project in its early days, from its inception 1982 till the the production of the Beazley whakapapa booklet in 1990, and your ongoing efforts to this day. Your foresight was the catalyst that brought many of our whanau together and for this we are forever grateful.

The 1990 booklet provides much of the material you will find in this database of over 5000 individuals. This required help of some outside expertise. Lewese Davis-Hicks and Pat George of the New Plymouth Genealogy Group. Bruce Ralston, a professional researcher of Wellington.

Some of the earlier whanau to get involved where Sheryl and Arthur Beazley (Hokianga), Fanny and Sid Beazley (Rawene), Mac Morunga (Rawene), Joe Beazley (Te Kopuru), Bev and Fred Beazley (Omanaia), and Sam Beazley (Omanaia).

There were numerous meetings chaired by Tuck Nathan and attended by numerous whanau members who also helped finance the project. Laurel and Gordon Miller who provided tramsport and who made endless phone calls.

To all the spouses, families and friends that put up with the continued diet of "Beazley" over the years. Marion's husband Keith and friends Robyn (Otahuhu) and Rene (Waitara) just to mention a few.

The list goes on and on and names have become to numerous to mention you all, To everyone else who have helped in any way, THANK YOU.

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George Beazley (b.c1800)

Isabella Frazer (b.c1800)

John Lees Faulkner (1812-1882)

Ruawahine Irihapeti Puihi (Abt1811-1855)

Edward (Neri) Boyce (1809-1888)

Heni Ngarua


We are a whanau focused entity so access to this website and the whakapapa database is free and will remain free. The database is independent of any other genealogy sites therefore, the information within it will not be on sold (as commercial sites do). The websites are also advert free and we hope to keep them that way. However, to keep this information stored online does come at a monetary cost ($5 per month). To help us keep these websites running, we gratefully accept koha (recommended $5-$10 pa))

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